The excursion departs from the Operative Center or the Visitors Center, going into the jungle by the Yacaratiá Trail for about 5 kilometers in all terrain trucks specially designed for this environment; bilingual guides (Spanish and English) accompany the group explaining all about natural and cultural wealth.
At the arrival to Macuco Port, the visitors will take a walk for 100 meters to the dock, so as to board a motorboat. The sailing goes up 6 kilometers through the Iguazu canyon towards the falls area, enjoying the rapids, to the base of the Three Musketeers waterfall, catching sights of the Brazilian and Argentinean waterfalls, with the Devil's Throat at the end of the canyon. After that, the most exciting moment becomes when the boat faces the San Martin waterfalls, this is the second in size to which the boat can goes closer. The getting off is at the dock in front of the San Martin island, from here the visitors can reach the Inferior Circuit.
This trip can be taken in the opposite direction, the sailing at first and the truck ride at the end arriving to the Visitors Center.
Length: 1 hour and 20 minutes. Difficulty: 150 meters of stone steps and 2 kilometers of river rapids.
Suggestions: during the sailing protect all your personal belongings into the waterproof bags provided by the boats company. Protect from water all your personal belongings; put them into the specially designed bags supplied by the boats company.
Restrictions: according to safety rules and regulations people with the following conditions are not allowed to take the boat ride: children under 12, pregnant women, people suffering osteoporosis, neck or spine pain or similar aches, people with heart or lungs related diseases, people with neurological condition, and any people with physical, sensorial and/or cognitive disability unable to react in case eventual emergency in the rapids.
Personal ID is compulsory to confirm the minimum age to board (12 years old). See Restrictions