Located within the conservation area protected by UNESCO as a Natural Patrimony of Humanity, within the Iguassu National Park. The Macuco Safari is an incomparable boat trip that will take visitors to an exciting adventure in the Iguassu Falls, where you can enjoy in detail all its splendor, without neglecting the concern and commitment to the environment. The tour starts with electric vehicles (environment) and takes the visitor through the interior of the lush forest of the Iguassu National Park along a three-kilometer track, accompanied by bilingual guides that will make the course of the route observations on the fauna and flora and curiosities about the National Park. To follow the visitor will discover and also delight with transparent and clear waters of the waterfall called "Salto del Macuco".
Before reaching the pier, where the boats depart, the Macuco Safari has built a new support area for visitors, a souvenir shop and a snack. In the future, they will work two cable cars that take passengers to the port. All these changes were made with the supervision and approval of ICMBio and are designed to provide more comfort, convenience and accessibility to all those who choose to use it. At the port of embarkation it is mandatory to use life jackets and when boarding the twin-engine boats, with a capacity of 24 seats, they will begin the most awaited adventure of the cataract canyon.

Macuco Safari facilitates access with exclusive structures and services for disabled visitors. The company's commitment is to ensure that visitors with special deficiencies can participate in all our activities, without exception, having available appropriate structures that exist today.