Regular outings on Thursdays and Sundays. Private services are upon request. These waterfalls are over the Uruguay River, in "El Soberbio", a small town in Misiones next to the Brazil borderline. Mocona means "which swallows everything" in Guarani language.Its countless waterfalls can be seen when the water level allows easier navigation. The trip departs about 07:00 a.m. The journey goes by the roads towards the northeast along essences and tobacco plantations getting in the Yabotí Biosphere up to the Moconá Provincial Park. Depending on the Uruguay River level, it is possible to sail from Bugre rock port to the unique and spectacular falls in semi-rigid motor boats. If the river level allows, the visitors can hike along the jungle interpretation trail. At the end of both activities, lunch is served at a local typical restaurant. Return to Puerto Iguazu about 7.00 pm
Included services: transfer from the hotel / Moconá Provincial Park / and back to hotel. Specialized tour guides. Not included services: 20 minutes navigation (optional, depending on the river level.) Moconá Park entrance fee and lunch. Useful information: temperature fluctuates between 35°C during the day and 15°C at night in spring and summer months. During the rainy season, Fall and Winter, day temperature reaches a maximum of 25°C but at night it could go down reaching 0°C. Soft, comfortable pants, long sleeve shirts and trekking boots are suggested for summer tours, the same for Winter adding some jackets, light raincoats and/or sweaters. Insect repellent and sun blockers creams are always advised.