Travel Tips

Trips & Tours

Caracol International Travel & Tourism suggests wearing comfortable clothes and close-toed shoes for long and difficult hiking trips. Do not forget to carry water, insect repellent, and sun blocker.

In case of special physical and health conditions, always ask about restrictions for all trips.

Excursions and transfers do not include entrance fees or lunchs.

Iguacu National Park (Brazil) accepts foreign currency, credit or debit cards payments.

How can I pay the entrance fee to Iguazu National Park, Argentina?

For Iguazu National Park (Argentina) only accepts Argentinean Pesos. Foreign currency or credit or debit cards are not accepted.

Front desk in hotels is the meeting point for all excursions.

5 minutes waiting is the tolerance time for all the transfers and excursions.

Please contact our staff for any doubt or information.