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Sustainable Management

Caracol Internacional Travel and Tourism works with quality managing programs and has achieved, over the years, such as "Excellency Club 2007", "SIGO national tourism certification 2008", "IRAM National Quality Standards 42910 for Tourism Service Companies 2013" and "Environmental Managing 2014".
Throughout strong policies established by our company's management and the staff commitment, we have developed a way to go focused on sustainable tourism, specially guided towards quality service in all areas of our activity, and natural resources protection thinking about futures generations. In this way, we have joined to the work performed by the National Tourism Ministry and picked some tools for our daily activity so as to create eco-awareness in all the staff and execute some specific actions as a way to finally raise sensibility concerning the environmental protection among the passengers and tourists that visit us.

Our actions

We manage our rational use of electric energy and drinkable water.

Paper reuse.

Garbage clasification.

Recycle of bottles and plastic bottle caps in benefit of charity foundations.

Put into practise eco-driving for all our vehicles and training on economic, safe, and sustainable driving.

Our company adheres to the national park administration campaign on speed control on roads and feeding control on native animals.

Your Food Kills Me

Your Food Kills Me

PNI campaign
¡¡¡Cuidado Animal!!!

¡¡¡Cuidado Animal!!!

PNI campaign

Corporate Social Responsibility is also part of our commitment with the community, implemented through different and varied actions in the city.

We behave under the belief of the shared effort and work, and understand that environmental protection is a team work.

This year Caracol Internacional set up more actions through Travel Tips towards fulfill our visitors' demands, which will help them understand, know more, and behave responsibly in our destination.

It is and will be, with no doubts, a positive trace!