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Useful Information

Useful Information


The ID Papers valid to travel inside Argentina and neighboring countries are:
Nationals: green, light blue, card, and red (foreigners) DNI; Passport (issued by the Federal Police Department and Interior Ministry); ID Mercosur Card issued by the Federal Police Department (until its expiration date). All documents should be legible and in excellent conditions according to the authorities's requirements.
Updated Passport issued by national official governments is the only personal identification accepted in all other neighboring countries.
Important: 14 years old Argentinean children have 180 days after their birthday to renew their personal identifications, inside the mentioned lapse they're allowed to travel abroad. Same rule applied for 16 years old Argentinean children who must renewed their personal identifications papers. Those who are between 5 and 8 years old and have not renewed their identifications are allowed to travel abroad until the ID's expiration date.
Important: all underage's and adult's ID papers should be updated.
Foreigners with temporary or permanent residence are able to travel abroad with their updated Passport and Residence ID papers, plus all papaers established by Migration Authorities, detailed in, except those who need visa in destination countries. Updated identifications issued by Federal Police Department are also accepted. Those who have residence papers in process should show the process proof upon leaving and entering the country.
Foreigners from outside Mercosur countries are allowed to travel with their permanent or temporary residence updated papers, their birth nation's Passport, or Argentinean Federal Police Department identification card, or other national identification papers.
Remember: all Argentineans citizens count on service Instant Passport Centers installed by Interior Ministry in the airports of Ezeiza, Jorge Newbery and Mendoza and soon in Córdoba. The service cost is 200 US Dollars. Papers are issued in one hour.
In order to protect children travelling through bordering countries by air, land or water, all required documents ought to be presented with no exceptions. Moreover, Argentinean citizens and foreigners under 18 years old that live in Argentina should fulfill the following requirements:

1-If travelling with both parents: Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, or Newest National ID are accepted.

2-If travelling with only one parent, absent parent's authorization must be presented with all documents mentioned in the previous point.

3-In case the Birth Certificate shows only one parent's name, and that is the one accompanying the minor, the mentioned document is accepted.

4-Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate will be accepted as long as they are in good state.

5-If the underage person is son of other underage people, only a judge authorization will be accepted, even when one of the parents is over 21.

6-Underage foreigners who have been in the country for over a year also need authorization, even when they have travelled to neighboring countries during their staying.

7-All authorizations and official papers must be officially authentic and issued by the national authorities, and signed by notary public, judges, or any official people registration and identification office. All exceptions could be done by parents at the Migration Offices located in Ezeiza and Aeroparque airports or "Buquebus" port.

In case of doubt or any questions please check the official site:
Consular Visa: check the updated requirements.
Health Certificate: check the updated sanitary and vaccines requirements.
Vehicles: updated international insurance, owner-driver papers or authorizations, and updated driving license are compulsory.


July is the coldest month of the winter reaching between 3°C and 8°C degrees. A coat, sweater, or jacket is always useful in this season. During summer the climate is hot and humid, the average temperature is 28°C degrees. The temperature slightly descends some degrees at nights, so we suggest light comfortable clothes during the day hours and a light sweater at night.


The Iguazu's main bus station is located 20 drive from the waterfalls Falls Park, and 5 minutes drive from the International Tancredo Neves Bridge that join Brazil and Argentina. All bus services to different Argentina tourist destinations departure and arrive from/to this bus station.


BANCO MACRO (Macro Bank) - Misiones Ave. and Bompland St / Phone: 422750 - 42003
BANCO DE LA NACIÓN ARGENTINA (National Bank) - 179 Victoria Aguirre Ave. / Phone: 420150 - 420007
BANCO SANTANDER RÍO (Santander Rio Bank)- 45 Republica Argentina Ave. / Phone: 424409 - 422852
At the entrance booth: NATIONAL BANK ATM.
Inside the Park: Macro Bank ATM.


HOSPITAL SAMIC: 142 Victoria Aguirre Ave. / Phone: 420288
SANATORIO SAM (Clinic): 275 República Argentina 275 / Phone: 420030
CIMED (Clinic): Mora st. and Marmelero st. / Phone: 421176
CLÍNICA CENTRO (Clinic): 36 Bosetti st. / Phone: 421776
SANATORIO LA TRINIDAD (Clinic): 36 Bonpland st. / Phone: 422994
CAVALCANTI HOSPITAL (Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil): 580 Gramado Ave. - 85860460 Foz do Iguaçu / Phone: 45 35768000


MACROFARMA: Córdoba Ave, and Misiones St. – Bus Station / Phone: 423790
MACROFARMA: Victoria Aguirre Ave. and Bosseti St. / Phone: 421334
RYS: 189 Republica Argentina Ave. / Phone: 0800 888 0268
ARGENTINA: 22 Victoria Aguirre Ave. / Phone: 420426
BRAVO: 427 Victoria Aguirre Ave. / Phone: 420479
CATARATAS: 558 Victoria Aguirre Ave. / Phone: 420218
CENTRO: 270 Gustavo Eppens Ave. / Phone: 422122
IGUAZÚ: 49 Brasil Ave. / Phone: 420042
PRINCIPAL: 210 Victoria Aguirre Ave. / Phone: 424100
GIOFARMA: 757 República Argentina Ave. corner J. Silveira St. / Phone: 424627 - 494008
GIOFARMA 2: Av. República Argentina Ave. and Nestor Kirchner St. / Phone: 493411


ARGENTINA FEDERAL POLICE: 16 San Martín Ave. / Phone: 423039 - 421065
POLICE OF THE PROVINCE OF MISIONES: n/n San Martín Ave. / Phone: 420016
NATIONAL GENDARMERIE: 250 V. Aguirre Ave. / Phone: 421359
ARGENTINEAN NAVAL PREFECTURE (COAST-GUARD): 232 Tres Fronteras Ave. / Phone: 427341
ARGENTINIAN ARMY: n/n 12th National Route / Phone: 420011
PUERTO IGUAZU CITY HALL: 122 Tres Fronteras Ave. / Phone: 420147
TOURISM OFFICE: 311 Victoria Aguirre Ave. / Phone: 420800
ITUREM - IGUAZU LOCAL GOVERNMENT TOURISM AGENCY: 337 Victoria Aguirre Ave. / Phone: 423951
IGUAZU TOURISM ASSOCIATION: Victoria Aguirre Ave. and Balbino Brañas St. / Phone: 422763
IGUAZU NATIONAL PARK: 66 Victoria Aguirre Ave. (3370)
Phone: 420722 / 423252. Fax: 420382