Yacutinga Lodge 🇦🇷

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Just two hours from the famous Iguazú Falls, Yacuntinga Lodge and its Private Wildlife Refuge are located deep in the Missionary Jungle. The Peninsula that forms the Natural Reserve area is bordered by the Upper Iguazú River – the same waters that meander downstream through the Iguazú National Parks (Argentina and Brazil) – to later form the gigantic horseshoe that gives rise to the spectacular Garganta del Devil.

This jungle, green during the day and ocher at sunset, with its large waters contrasting with the reddish color of its soil, reveals an excellent state of conservation in the Yacutinga Reserve.

Here, the force of nature is impressive. Vibrant colors and sounds stand out, characterized by an impressive variety of species of birds and butterflies, which exceed 50% of those registered for all of Argentina. Beyond the green that embraces the buildings, the Lodge is a comfortable refuge in intense harmony with the surrounding nature.

The buildings, with soft lines, accompany the gentle slopes of the land. Materials such as stones and naturally fallen logs were successfully incorporated into the final design, giving greater strength to the conservation concept of the place.

In Yacutinga, the traveler who loves nature, enjoys the balance between man and Nature by being part of one of the most important environmental conservation projects based on ecotourism in the country.